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The world of accounting, taxation and finances can be confusing and intimidating. Doing the books is a necessary evil for most people, and an activity to get done as quickly as possible. And thats why were here and why we would love to meet and help you. At Count on Us we specialise in assisting people to meet their financial goals, minimise their taxation costs, and reduce their financial risks. 
Count on us to be professional. 
We are members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand. This means that you are dealing with people who are certified accountants, fully trained in accountancy, taxation and financial planning and not just back-street people who can have a go at ?doing your books?. We gladly subscribe to the Institute?s strict code of ethics and welcome the accountability and responsibility that being a member brings. 
Count on us to save you time and money. 
Of course we are great at the traditional ?bean counting? accountancy and taxation work, but because of our specialist training and experience, we can help you with so much more ? 


  • mortgage broking for home or commercial properties,
  • establishing family and trading trusts to reduce your tax burden and protect your assets,
  • business and financial planning to get you on track to achieve your goals,
  • auditing,
  • business computing systems,
  • company administration to take away the work associated with compliance with the Companies Act 1993,
  • assistance with purchasing an existing business or establishing a new one. 

Count on us to be onto it. 
We welcome new customers and enjoy helping people achieve their personal and business financial goals. Contact us to make a time for a confidential and no-obligation chat.




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